Removal of Contact Lenses:

To remove the Soft Lens, one would pinch the contact lens between the index and the thumb. Carefully, so not to damage the cornea (the eye itself), or the contact lens (if needed for extended wear).

To place a Rigid Lens contact properly into the eye the same processes for the Soft lens applies. Differences being, one would place the lens directly on the cornea. Allowing the lens to gently touch it and let the suction cup effect happen.  One would then use this same process for the second contact placement.

For removal, hold the head back and with the index and thumb – pinch the eyelids gently together while pressing inward. This will break the suction effect and allow the contact to extract onto the eyelid. Depending on the thickness and type of lens, once breaking the suction the lens might pop out of the eye – causing unnecessary damage of the lens. To prevent this, try removal with one hand and cupping under the eye with the other hand. Carefully remove the contact and place into a storage case with solution for future use.

Daily wear and Extended wear contacts are titles for the length of time one could wear his/her contacts. Daily wear would need to be cleaned before insertion, but are disposable. These are used only during the waking hours of the day. It’s not a good idea to sleep (over-night) with them on. They can only be worn daily, and then disposed of once worn. Extended contacts could be worn for 12 hrs/day for up to 7 days/wk. Should also not be worn while sleeping long hours, but should be taken out and cleaned daily. Even if you are traveling fro spain or argentina, los angeles lasik could be an option if you are fed up of your contacts.

Contact lenses can be worn to give a more natural look to one’s features. To help the eyesight of those who are in sports, out-doors men, and/or even construction workers (w/use of goggles) to lighten the load of spectacles constantly getting in the way. They heighten the use of one’s peripheral vision (also beneficial for those who play sports), and they’ve revolutionized the changing of one’s eye color as well.

Some could say contact lenses have passed its prime. It was the generational “fad”. Something that, with time, will just become another accessory. Although my generation have made spectacles to be the “in thing” or FAD of our time – I, having had my fair share of reliance on contact lenses, conclude that these small wonders place themselves as an eminent stepping stone towards greater visionary improvements.

When traveling to Los Angeles contacts in hand, always take good care of them.


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