Making Contact Lenses

There are also different ways in shaping and cutting contact lenses. Lathe Cutting, Molding, and Spin Casting. Molding was used in the early years towards developing the contact lens. Hydro gel lenses were produced in the molding process and eventually becomes a finished product that is placed in Saline and hydrated specifically in a certain degree. This is then mixed and placed into a mold, more steps are taken and one way of developing contacts is over. Spin Casting was the first manufactured process to be approved by the FDA. It was the only process used for commercial production at the time when hydro gel lenses were introduced. It can produce hydrated or dehydrated lenses based on the polymer mix and whether it contains a hydration source. The last process is Lathe Cutting, which is more commonly used for Rigid and Soft lenses. Although its labor intensive, it results in a higher cost than lenses made by molding.

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