Care of Contact Lenses

Eyes are precious, says Los Angeles Eye Doctor To easily reduce the outcome of irritation to the eye, the lenses must be properly cleaned.  Depending on each individual lifestyle, it is up to them to choose a proper care system. For instance, those who find themselves too busy to do this process thoroughly – one would choose a care system with fewer steps. Preservatives and disinfectants are needed to enhance the better quality of the contacts. Preservatives are ingredients that are added to solutions to protect them from spoilage after being opened. All lenses must be disinfected after every time it’s been used to rid the lenses of anything that would cause infection. Disinfectants are agents that destroy, neutralize, or inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. To summarize, a consistent care system, good solution, and sturdy storage case for your contacts lenses, will help to minimize infection. Los angeles Contact Lenses experts opine that there is no substitute for careful handling of the lenses.

Wetting solutions enhance wetting by making the lens surface more comfortable to the wearer’s eye and hydrophilic. This process will help to better insert the contact lens into the eye. Before placing the contact in the eye, the patient much thoroughly wash their hands with a non-oily soap, to sanitize them before taking the contact out of its case. The patient would then place the contact in the palm of the hand, wetting with the solution, then instead of a circular motion with the index finger – would stroke back and forth on the palm. This again, helps to form a suction cup effect and would help to ease the contact into the eye.

To place a Soft Lens contact properly into the eye, the patient would have to make sure the hands were dry. To check if the lens is NOT inverted, the patient would perform what is called a “Taco Test”; one would place it in the palm and gently close palm a little. If the edges touch, curve into a bowl like figure, the lenses are the right way, and may then be placed into the eye. Then grab the contact with the index finger of the right hand, pull the lower eyelid down with the remaining fingers of your right hand – and with the left hand, reach over the head and lift the upper eyelid, look up and place the contact lens on your inferior sclera (the lower part of the white in the eye). Then gradually blink the contact into place. Insert the opposite lens using the same process.


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